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Sunrise | Morning Show | Australia

Live interview with Armen Adamjan (creative_explained) on Australian's top rated morning / breakfast show. 

"Meet the TikTok star going viral for posting life-changing cleaning hacks for people who HATE household chores"

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Ireland AM | Morning Show

Live interview with Armen Adamjan (creative_explained) on Ireland's most watched morning show.

Armen talks to the hosts about how he started his social media career and explains five of his cleaning hacks.

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The Good Dish | Teeth-Whitening

Armen Adamjan's (creative_explained) cucumber-kiwi teeth whitening hack gets showcased on 'The Good Dish' w/ host Daphne Oz. Celebrity dentist Dr. Catrise reacts and reviews the hack, and the hosts of the show try the teeth-whitening hack on-screen.

Dr. Catrise (Cardi B's dentist) reveals if the hack actually works.. or not.

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News Article | Features

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The Sun News

Pots & Pans Hack


IF YOU are trying to get those nasty brown stains off your plastic boards, you've come to the right place. Hack guru Armen Adamjan revealed that scrubbing with water and soap won't get you anywhere...


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Insider News

Un-Shrink Clothes Hack

How a TikTok trick can help you restore clothes shrunk in the washing machine to their original size. TikTok user Armen Adamjan explains, the first thing you need to do is mix together some warm water and conditioner, soap, or shampoo in a bowl. Adamjan recommends using a cup..

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Jane Cooper

Human-Hair for Plants | Fertilizer

Man shares simple hack to revive dying plants 'using his own hair' with stunning results. Armen Adamjan, 31, says he came up with the trick after wanting to find a purpose for his stray hairs.
Originally from Rhode Island, US but now living in Denmark, experimented, taking two plants and adding...

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Hindustan Times

10 Kitchen Cleaning-Hacks

"Video showing kitchen hacks goes viral, Jennifer Garner shares it too." If you follow Jennifer Garner on Instagram, then you may be aware that she often shares various posts that leave people intrigued. Just like this video that she re-posted which shows several easy and interesting kitchen hacks...

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Ireland AM | Morning Show

Live interview with Armen Adamjan (creative_explained) on Ireland's most watched morning show.
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